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Private Self Defence Instruction

Limited opportunities are offered for private 1 to 1 classes outside of the range of club training options.

Personal Instruction includes fitness, Martial Arts knowledge and skill development.

Enquiries Welcome.


(School Holidays)

This is a fun and challenging introductory session or sessions in the Sports Fitness and the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo. We explore the ideas and practices of self defense and both Physical and Mental Personal Development.

This is ideal for kids during school holiday periods (between terms) as come and try sessions.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining in on the FUN!

Minimum 4 students

TKD in Schools

(Extra- School curriculum or afterschool programs)

We have operated sessions at primary and secondary schools across East Gippsland since 1995 and look forward to answering any questions regarding the provision of an appropriate program for your students.

Instruction is tailored for the differences between primary and secondary schools and is offered under the guidance of school rules and policies. Programs provided maybe a one-off session or a series of classes to achieve measurable outcomes. Topics covered during training at schools may be tailored and include bullying, health & wellbeing, positive mental attitude & goal setting.

Minimum 4 students/Training Rate

TKD Corporate/Adult

Perfect for adults who are busy with evening commitments, these classes focus on fitness, flexibility, personal development and core strength ideal for business & organizational teams. This is all offered using traditional Martial Arts and modern training techniques. Whilst classes are can be tailored to be challenging they are fun and friendly.

We require groups of 4 or more for a single class or organize a program of multiple session to really learn and grow your team skills, confidence & communication.

Enquiries Welcome.