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About Master Kim

masterkim7th Dan Black Belt - Taekwondo (Traditional Line and World Taekwondo Federation)
8th Dan Black Belt - Hapkido (Moo Lim Won)

Principal Instructor of Kim's Martial Arts Academy, he overseas and operates several branches throughout Victoria teaching both Taekwondo and Hap Ki Do.

A traditionally trained Korean Instructor Master Jung Yun Kim provides over 50 years experience in teaching the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo and Hap Ki Do and one of the most experienced Martial Artists in Australia. In his time in Australia he has supported the development of Taekwondo as an active member and president of Taekwondo Victoria (1999-2000).

Join a traditional martial arts academy that provides current Australian Institute of Sport recognised accreditation and national sporting body coaching and training

Kim's Martial Arts Academy

Kim's Martial Arts Academy has branches throughout Gippsland & Latrobe Valley, in Victoria, Australia since 1984.We are a traditional Martial Arts organization with recognized National and International affiliations. KMAA focuses on the development of students through the participation and practise of proven techniques and contemporary methods of training that develop skills and ability specific to the studen.

Our club promotes a happy & healthy lifestyle. The instructors seek to in still a positive attitude in young people, builds confidence and self-esteem by teaching the importance of good character and self-discipline. The practice of our syllabus promotes the desire to learn and increase overall concentration. The attributes gained by training in Martial Arts helps individuals achieve their goals in all aspects of everyday life; ie employment, business, academic, sport and social.

Students are able to graduate through levels of achievement beyond Black Belt in both Taekwondo & Hapkido. Progressive achievement of skill and self development are assured with relative effort and positive guidance from experienced and qualified instructors & coaches Classes are offered by Kim's Martial Arts Academy throughout Gippsland & the La Trobe Valley. Enquiries for classes offered by Master Kim are best made directly with Master Kim.

Training sessions in Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale are provided for students from 8 yrs old. Adults are able to train in an open class that is a secure and controlled family friendly training environment.

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Senior Regional Instructor

masterKim tonyTony Paganella 4th Dan TKD 1st Dan HKD

Instructor Tony Paganella 4th Dan TKD, 1st Dan HKD offers classes in Lakes Entrance & Bairnsdale (Since 1995). As lead coach (NCAS) of the student competition team “KMA Eagles” many students have been successful in representing East Gippsland at State Level, Victoria at National Level and Australia at International Level competition.

With qualifications and experience in personal fitness training & Oriental Therapies students gain a depth of understanding beyond punching and kicking. All Instructors have current Working with Children certificates. But, more importantly we care about the safety security and character of our students.

KMMA Student Oath

bannerGroupRespect my instructor and senior students,
Be honourable with my parents,
Be honest in my dealings with others,
Act with courage and integrity in the face of adversity,
Respect life in all shapes and forms,
Be considerate of and accountable for my actions.

“Pillars of Taekwondo”

• Courtesy,
• Self control,
• Integrity,
• Perseverance and
• Indomitable spirit

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo, formalised in the 1970s has originated as a traditional Korean Martial Art and developed through the flow of Korean history into a system of attack and defence utilizing the arms and legs. Currently an Olympic Sport and practised worldwide has been influenced by other oriental styles.

For more information Click Here: World Taekwondo Federation, or

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What are the benefits of Taekwondo?
The practice of Taekwondo can improve health and fitness, balance, agility and alertness in the mind. Taekwondo also improves self confidence and discipline as a person progresses and learns skills for self defence. Such discipline, self confidence and knowledge are beneficial to the life of individuals and families alike.

Students may chose to grade & progress in accordance of Belt Level qualifications, participate in competitions or facilitate leadership roles under the guidance of qualified experienced & professional mentors.

Ask your instructor!!

About Hap Ki Do

The practice of Hap Ki Do (unified energy way) allows students of all backgrounds, ages and physiques to use minimal force to overcome a stronger opponent. The actions of Hapkido combine dynamic and spectacular kicking with joint locking, pressure points and manipulation to disable the attacker.

Like other martial arts, Hapkido has a specific syllabus that allows students to progressively master the techniques to a high level of proficiency. Belt levels are attained through the performance of skills with opponents in controlled sessions.

All actions require development of self control for maximum benefit and safety. "This is not a Sport as the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo". However, both Taekwondo and Hapkido do originate from Korea. Students that train with our club will have their achievements recognised by governing & officiating organisations both in Australia and Korea. Master Jung Yun Kim 8th Dan is the accredited Australian representative of the Moo Lim Won Hap Ki Do Federation Korea in Australia. Kim's Martial Arts Students are provided ongoing opportunity to gain qualifications in Australia and in Korea with Kukkiwon for Taekwondo & Moo Lim Won for Hapkido Martial Arts training can provide a complete & positive Body Mind Spirit health & fitness lifestyle.